Every Mother Should Know about Placental Abnormality

The placenta is an important material medium for the mother to nurture her baby, and placental abnormalities are a relatively common condition during pregnancy. There are many types of placental abnormalities, some of which are even unheard of. However, since the placenta plays an important role in material exchange between mother and child, the placental abnormality particularly requires the attention of pregnant women.

Improper Breast Massage during Pregnancy May Lead to Premature Delivery or Miscarriage

Affected by the secretion of hormones, a woman’s body parts change during the pregnancy, and the most painful one is the lingering breast distending pain. Although the breast massage can relieve the pain, the improper breast massage may lead to premature delivery or miscarriage.

Can You Rest Assured After the Glucose Challenge Test is Normal? Do Not Underestimate the Tolerance of Hyperglycemia

Speaking of the most difficult "checkpoint" for pregnant women to check during pregnancy, blood sugar must be on the list. Is diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy different from the diabetes we often say? Normal of the glucose challenge test means that you are really pass?

Snoring Caused by RDDS of Pregnant Woman Can Affect the Health of Mother and Fetus

Snoring during pregnancy is often attributed to tiredness or an incorrect sleeping position and thus is not taken seriously by many pregnant women. Indeed, mild snoring has little effect on one’s health. However, it is important to pay attention to the severe RDDS symptoms of a sleeping pregnant woman, such as snoring louder than 60 decibels, irregular snoring, breath-holding of different degrees and apnea.

The influence of bad mood on pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus

Checking everything before pregnancy is normal. Suddenly diabetes during your pregnancy is scary. Why do you have diabetes during pregnancy? Did you eat it? How to treat? Does it affect the baby? This series of questions and fears make pregnant women fidgety, anxious and sleepless, but this will only aggravate the condition and is not conducive to childbirth.

As a pregnant woman, are you still resisting getting vaccinated?

Before the annual flu season, many children and elderly people choose to be vaccinated against influenza. Although pregnant women are also at high risk for influenza, many pregnant women are worried or very resistant to vaccination because of their concerns about their babies. In fact, vaccinating against influenza during pregnancy is not only harmless to your baby, it also has unexpected benefits.