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The prestigious legacy of 50 years of microbiome research and development within the Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group, pioneered by the Lim’s family,is currently being succeeded and further advanced through tradition and innovation via COREE Group's global research centers in Italy, China, and SouthKorea.

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SynterAct Technology 3 Strain Formula, co-developed by Dr. Lorenzo Morelli, a world renowned authority in probiotics, and COREE Italy's AAT Research center, demonstrates upmost synergyin both effectiveness and stability through the application of a unique blending ratio of probiotic strains.


  • Mutualism

    between prebiotic activity and the gut microbiome environment through probiotic fermentation of food.

  • Humanism

    In the health industry, clinical studies are being conducted for the benefit of mothers and babies in ‘Maternal-Child Health Services' at Peking Union College Hospital in China, and for those suffering from diabetes and metabolic chronic diseases at the Roman Catholic University and the Gemelli Hospital in Italy.

  • Medical professionalism

    for development of prevention, treatment, and care solutions using microbiome-based bacterial cultures.


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